I can’t say I ever thought I’d have my own t-shirts, but it just kind of happened.  Sitting backstage in South Dakota for a Hunting Band show, Leigh Gibson was doodling on a piece of notebook paper.  He handed it to me with the design you see above.  After we all had a good laugh, I thought - “Wow, that would make a cool t-shirt!”.  So here we are.  I realize that it could come across the wrong way, but I hope y’all take it in the spirit in which I present it.  All in good fun and as a lark of sorts.  Life’s too short not to have a laugh now and then.  And for those who just don’t feel they can wear the Original PG-13 design, I’m offering a G-Rated version.  The shirts themselves are very nice and soft.  100% pre-shrunk cotton.  These are in limited quantities.  Please be patient if your size is in low supply or sold out.  If the demand is there, I’ll re-order soon.  Thanks!



The Grammy award-winning bassist demonstrates the style and technique he employs with Alison Krauss & Union Station.

Barry Bales is among the most celebrated upright bassists in bluegrass and country music. He has multiple Grammy awards, plus trophies from the International Bluegrass Music Association and the Country Music Association. His bass is featured in recordings from Alison Krauss & Union Station where he has held down the bottom line for the past 21 years, and in films like Walk The Line and O Brother, Where Art Thou.

In this two hour and 20 minute DVD, Barry shares his thoughts on the appropriate role of the bass, and demonstrates many of the techniques that have made him a first call musician in both bluegrass and country music. AcuTab's John Lawless leads Barry through a discussion of his background and influences before they move on to songs. Barry also covers important topics like tone production, walking bass, percussive 'ghost' notes, and more.


Songs taught include:

  1. Banks Of The Ohio

  2. Kentucky Waltz

  3. Fireball Mail

  4. Wayfaring Stranger

  5. Groundhog

  6. Rebecca

  7. East Tennessee Blues

  8. Blackberry Blossom

  9. Everytime You Say Goodbye

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